We are born into this world without an instruction manual for our sophisticated, refined body vehicle. Then we learn from people who know just as little as we about our abilities, to survive on this earth. Our fears, whether we are aware of it or not, are our greatest leaders in this. How we experience ourselves and our surroundings depends on them. That is why we cannot and are not allowed to experience our psychological, physical and spiritual potential. We live in a world where the mind controls everything else for security reasons. In order to develop further, also on other levels than the intellectual level alone, we would have to allow ourselves to experience our full range of possibilities.


Perhaps a little story from my life to clarify: I normally only read the operating instructions for a car when it is absolutely necessary. One day I was a passenger in our new car and for some reason I needed a reading lamp. In the old car there was a button with the lamp over the rearview mirror. In this there is a whole selection of switches, so I just blindly pressed them. Suddenly the car starts talking and informs us that it is making an emergency call. From one moment to the next, panic broke out in me: "What a shit ... what is that? What should I do?" My husband drove, he couldn't help. So I just kept pressing until there was silence again. And then I sat in the car for a while with a very bad feeling. "What happens now? Did the 911 go out? How is that even possible?" etc. It took a long time until my mind was calmed down and, above all, my feelings and my body were back to normal. To this day I have been avoiding this cluster of switches.

This is how our whole life works most of the time. Instead of approaching new things with interest, curiosity and excitement, we live in our patterns, think if we do this or that, then this or that happens and then we are anxious to panic when things don't go as we expect. And our mind tries to help us and next time it says, "No, don't press a button. Don't try something new. It's too dangerous. Remember what happened last time. Etc."

And little by little we build a prison and think it's safe in there. But life doesn't work that simple, because we are not that simple, at some point we become dissatisfied, unhappy, depressed. Life seems pointless to us.

In this seminar, you will, so to speak, at least skim through the instruction manual for your body being and experience many things from a different perspective, if you allow it, you will find space in your life and thus more fullness.

1st week

Womb and birth

"I am" comes to earth

In this first week we will deal with the entry into our body and the birth of our body into the world. When did you enter your body? How did you experience your body back then? What did you feel? How did you perceive your birth, how did you feel your first breath? Have you ever congratulated yourself on your birth, yourself and this tremendous achievement?

2nd week

Senses / body awareness

"To survive"

In our first weeks of life, we perceive hunger, thirst, cold, warmth and touch with certainty. Is there more? Are our senses capable of more? To what extent have our senses adapted to our present life and are they perhaps dulled instead of evolving? Is there recognition in you for what you have there? Experience your senses, the world maybe very different from those of your parents, for example. Do you know, how? Your senses are perhaps connected to many other stations like a radar weather station and you feel like a walker who walks past such a station and has no idea what it can do and who it is connected to.

3rd week

Presence and Mindfulness

"Rest and expand"

We can only experience our life in all its fullness, if we perceive it too. For this it is important to feel the center in ourselves, this calm place in us, which allows us to find our way back and not get lost in chaos. If we respect this inner being, it is very easy to expand mindfulness to our body, to our surroundings and to the present moment.

4th week

Feelings / Thoughts/  Brain / Body

"Earth Base"

Feelings, thoughts, brain and body influence and control each other. Most of the time they do this very independently with the patterns that we experienced and learned in our childhood. Normally, none of us have learned how to consciously control this cycle and how to change it, if it is not useful to us or doesn`t us good. And every living being on this earth strives to feel good and is guided by the feelings and senses, only we humans use the mind and thus run away from "doing well".

5th week


"Yesterday/ Today /Tomorrow"

What thoughts do you have? Where you are with your thoughts? In the past, in the future or in the now? Do your thoughts support you? Do your thoughts have energy? Are you a prisoner of your thoughts? Who thinks? Do you think? Do you know how you can influence your thoughts?

6th week

Basic feelings

Sadness /Anger / Fear / Joy

How do you live with your feelings? How do you deal with them? Are you at their mercy or do you let them support you? Feelings are like a navigation device, but the device only works as well as the stored maps are up-to-date. If you use old maps, you will get to your destination just as badly as with maps on which future roads are drawn, you need an up-to-date map. Do you know with which map you are driving / feeling?

7th week

Body / Thoughts / Feelings

"living together"

How does this triumvirate live together in you? Are they in harmony and in what kind of harmony? Or are they fighting each other? Are your thoughts the dictator telling your emotions and your body where to go? Or do your feelings dominate your thoughts and your body? Or is there maybe something like democracy in you? Are you comfortable with them?

8th week


Vibration / Color / Frequency

What is all energy? How do you deal with energies? Is a feeling, a thought, a word, a color, a body also energy? What does your inside say about it? Does energy play a role in your life? Can you influence energy? Are you running out of energy?


“Everything is energy, and nothing more can be said about it. If you settle into the frequency of the reality you are striving for, then you cannot prevent it from manifesting. It can't be any other way. It's not philosophy. That's physics. " Albert Einstein

9th week

"You are success"

Why are you success? In our world, as if it were quite natural and self-evident, parts of ourselves, our bodies, or parts of our experience are rejected as wrong, faulty, incorrect, inconsistent with particular ideas about society, religion, families or other individuals. It`s about time you see that you are success beyond home, money, car, relationship or status.

10th week

"You are the source"

Why are you the source?  Our role models give us very divided views of how we should live our lives. The common ground in question, however, is: Be careful, watchful. Life is dangerous. Hold on to your possessions, you can never have enough, possessions give security, work until you fall over. You are dependent on other people in all areas including love. But what if you are the source?

11th week

"Meaning of your life"

Without an overarching purpose in life, our lives feel empty and sad very quickly. Everything achieved outside, be it prosperity, relationships, children, no longer helps us at a certain point. We lose our joie de vivre, bit by bit, because our life seems devoid of meaning to us. Our religions have long since stopped supporting us in this search for meaning. Maybe your soul gives you this meaning in life?

12th week

"Openness and compassion"

We can experience and live the greatest freedom, beauty in life and abundance, when we encounter life over and over again with openness and compassion. Compassion for ourselves and others. Without compassion for ourselves, we will not have compassion for others. Openness allows us to experience the world in its fullness without rejecting things, people and events and thus parts of ourselves or possibilities.