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How are you? Do you have fun living? Do you get up in the morning and look forward to the day?Are you doing well? Do you enjoy life?  Do you live from love, for yourself and others? Not? Then it may simply be that you have not yet discovered what you can do to be able to answer these questions with yes.


Seminar description:

With the Personal Totempole Process PTPP / Tiefenimagination according to Dr. Eligio Stephen Gallegos, we will go on journeys inwards in a small group. Additional exercises for at home and in the group will deepen the experience. In this intensive, exciting seminar you will learn how you as a spiritual being can experience and control your feelings, thoughts, energies and your body in such a way that you experience yourself and your life in a completely different way.

In a continuous process over 12 weeks you have the opportunity to embark

on a very deep journey into yourself, to immerse yourself in inner worlds and to get to know beings who can give you support, knowledge and experiences that you cannot find on the outside.



An online meeting for 2-3 hours every week,  a total of 12 times and additional exercises for at home. All meetings take place in a small group with a maximum of 6 people. And if the members agree, there is also the possibility of a private social media group for the duration of the seminar for exchange during the week.




1st week

Womb and Birth

"I am" comes to earth

2nd week

 Senses / Body awareness

"To survive"

3rd week

Presence and Mindfulness

"Rest and expand"

4th week

Feelings/Thoughts/Brain/Body "Earth Base"

5th week


"Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow"

6th week

Basic feelings



7th week

Body/Thoughts/Feelings "living together"

8th week



9th week

"You are success"

10th week

"You are the source"

11th week

"Meaning of your life"

12th week

"Openness and love"



Voices from within

"Since you experience your body as very tight and dense, you do not perceive that there is much more space. Your perception must go much deeper to see all the space, its infinity and all the possibilities"

Eagle from my 8th center of aliveness

Start date for the next one Online basic seminar:


September/10th/ 2021

Costs 360 €

Workshop online for PTPP/

Deep Imagination

every Monday evening

at 7.30 p.m.

free to get to know

Language German



Montag 07.06.21


Welche Sprache spricht dein Körper?

Please register only by email. Questions are also welcome by phone

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